Get a beautiful cut!

How do you get that clean, manicured finish on your lawn? To get a one of a kind looking lawn you have to use a one of a kind mower. We are proud dealers of Walker Mowers because we know that these lawn mowers never disappoint. Like zero-turn mowers, the Walker out front deck is completely independent of the tractor. The weight of the deck is transferred to drive wheels as opposed to the deck caster wheels, making for lighter impact on your turf and an overall better looking striped and manicured lawn.


What’s the biggest advantage of using Walk Mowers over other lawn equipment brands? Versatility! Walker Mower does not believe in the need for completely separate pieces of equipment for different purposes. Their out front design is perfect for using a variety of attachments. We’ll be sure that you get the job done on the same tractor through the summer, fall, winter and spring. These mowers can be adapted in just minutes for multiple lawn maintenance purposes. Whether you need a blower, lawn mower or snow plow, this one tractor offers the kind of attachments and versatility you need to get all of those jobs done right.


Anyone familiar with the commercial lawn care industry knows that mowers require constant maintenance to ensure long life. It’s an unavoidable fact that someone will need to perform regular maintenance, such as blade sharpening, oil changes and belt changes. It's no coincidence that Walker Mower provides quick and easy access to these parts. Efficiency in all areas is key, and that includes efficiency of mower maintenance.


Any time you are dealing with mowing a landscaped property or lawn, you are bound to run into irregular and small shaped spaces. Walker Mowers are well designed to be compact and able to easily manage these kinds of obscure areas. The unique Forward Speed Control and steering levers combination allows for the mower to be controlled by just the touch of your fingertips. Pull the steering wheel ever so slightly and the mower can go forward or into reverse. Braking and making use of the zero turn radius is done the same way.


Meadow Green only sells Walker commercial lawn mowers because we would never sell you a mower that you would expect to excel, while only providing marginal results. In order for a commercial mower to function properly and perform exceptionally, the design has to be right from the start. Walker Mowers use a design platform inspired by discipline, ingenuity and no compromise. No matter what type of landscape you are mowing, Walker Mowers can handle it – including rolling contours, open spaces and tight areas. Want to do a superior job? Rely on our superior commercial mowing equipment!

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